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The Greek gods themselves couldn’t help but find the Ionian Islands a paradise: Kefalonia has a spectacular coastline, beautiful beaches, utterly translucent sea, mountains thickly forested with cypress trees, traditional villages tumbling with a riot of flowers and a rich history combining Ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine and Venetian influences.

Fiscardo is unique in that it was left virtually undamaged in the great earthquake of 1953 keeping its original architecture.  The Greek government has recognised Fiscardo’s unique beauty by declaring it a region of great natural beauty and protecting it by law.  Surrounded by Venetian style houses painted in pastel colours, during the summer season the harbour is filled with yachts and super yachts all nestled together a few feet from the harbour restaurants.


Fiscardo is situated in the north most position of the island in the region of Erissos.  Famous for its wild and unspoilt nature, beautiful little beaches with crystal blue waters, Erissos will transport you to a bygone era!  Guided walks through the endless forests of cypress trees gives one an amazing perspective and the unique rock formations create a wild scenery.

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