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Bourisis was an imposing farmhouse in the village of Psilithrias in the late 19th century and beyond, before being ruined in the catastrophic earthquake of 1953.

From this time the house remained derelict and fell into disrepair.


In the summer of 2011 we viewed the farmhouse and - despite its tragic state - we could visualise its charm and beauty, seeing its potential to be an amazing home once again. We fell in love with it and all its history entwined with the Bourisis family whose home it once was.


We embarked on a five year restoration programme, during which time the house was declared a 'Greek monument'. This meant that every aspect of the property's renovation had to be traditionally undertaken and kept exactly to the spirit of the original house.  


With the incredible hard work and patience of local contractors and craftsmen (thank you Panos, Richard, Dennis, Panos, Christos and countless others) we feel, together, we have brought Bourisis back to life, ready for a new generation of families and guests to enjoy and write it's next chapter. 

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